Going Postal Over Thanksgiving

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In doing some research concerning the history and traditions of our celebration of “Thanksgiving” here in the US, I came across something that really peaked my curiosity. What I found was that a dozen or so countries around the world have issued one or more postage stamps depicting either the “Mayflower” (the ship which the first wave of pilgrims journeyed) and/or honoring those pilgrims in general or individual passengers that landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusettes on November 21, 1620. (November 11 to those of you using the Julian calendar, as did the pilgrims themselves).

Among those countries, I found stamps issued by: the United States, Bangladesh, Chartonia, Great Britain, Guinea, Isle of Man, Oman, GrenadaUganda, Burkina Faso, Canada, Antigua, Liberia, and more. The question I was not able to find an answer to, is “Why?” Why would any country, other than the US, have any connection to or interest in honoring the Mayflower or those pilgrims?

While the ship did depart from an area of London, England known at the time as “Plymouth”, the pilgrims were fleeing that country due to oppressive (deadly) means of dealing with those who defied the rules of the Catholic Church. They were not government-sponsored explorers or emissaries that Britain could claim bragging rights in the more traditional manner. So had their issuance of such stamps been with the attitude “Thank G-d, we got rid of them buggers! They’re your problem now.”? Or was it simply a matter of commerce in that they saw the US as a great marketplace that they sought to exploit by appealing to our vanity? Me thinks that is the most likely explanation, not only for Britain, for all of the other countries as well. What do you think? And while you’re at it, anyone ever heard of Burkina Faso before? Or am I the only one so ignorant?


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The Welcoming Committee

Mayflower Landing at Plymouth RockMayflower Landing at Plymouth Rock (2)

Turkey Feast

Mayflower Landing (3)

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Sort of Art Deco

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As you can tell, I’ve been busy. And if it’s not too crass to admit, I’m particularly pleased with how my new calendar came out. Lots of new artwork for this one that I’ve never released. At first I was concerned about pricing (being notoriously frugal when it comes to buying things for myself) but then Mi’chele, my home-health aid (and truly great friend) pointed out that you get a lot of value for your dollars when purchasing a calendar since the artwork can be framed when the month or year is over and enjoy for years to come at far less cost than purchasing separate prints. I hadn’t really thought of that before. Mi’chele’s got such great common sense and is terrific as a “Reality Check” for me on all kinds of subjects, from the seemingly frivolous to the most significant life-altering decisions. Although 20 years my junior, I really cherish her wisdom and raw honesty. Those are traits that many falsely lay claim to, many more oblivious to the incomparable value of, and which few and far between have. Thanks, my friend!


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