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IconDoItis the Nom de Plume used by Leslie Sigal Javorek (AKA “me”) since 2003 for original icon creations, web graphics, fine art, and consumer products. This decrepit old broad has had an incredible life filled with bizarre, exciting, wonderful, devastating, life-threatening, funny, and fascinating (to me at least) experiences. Not surprising perhaps since I’ve lived over 200 years in 1/4 the time… 😉

I have a diverse variety of interests which invariably influence my artwork (subjects & style). These include art history, history (particularly 1900-1942), sociology, psychology, philosophy, classic literature, theory and application of U.S. Law, genetics and Formula 1 Auto Racing.

For more info about me, see:

“The ART of Survival” .

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9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Leslie,
    I wanted to make sure you got my reply to your email and the wonderful images. I love them so! I absolutely adore them Leslie.
    I have not been well, was in the hospital for a night and two days, so the brain fog got so bad — turned out my heart wasn’t beating fast enough and I got a bit confused.
    I just wanted to make sure you got my message.
    I hope to be back to myself soon. I miss reading my favorite blogs and of course, writing.
    I hope you are doing well.

    • PS When can I use the images? Is it okay for me to use them as they are? After I’m able to start writing again that is…
      Thanks again Leslie. I still can’t believe you turned my experience into those images. I am truly amazed at the details and how each one speaks to a feeling or a part of me. You are amazing.

      • You can feel free to use them any time you want and can use them just as they are. If you post them online somewhere, just send me a link as I’d love to see how you use them.
        I’m so pleased that I was able to capture what you had in mind. Maybe by turning your feelings into a visible form that you can look at outside of yourself will help relieve the agony of having them haunt you on the inside… At least that is my hope.

    • So Sorry to hear you were in hospital. That really sucks. Do they know what caused your heart to slow down so much? I had that problem while I was on chemo (the chemo itself caused Hemolytic Anemia which caused my white blood cells to attack the red cells faster than my body could make new red cells which in turn cut the oxygen level in my blood way down which then caused my heart to slow down which caused…. You get the idea.) They treated it with weekly injections of Aranesp, which promotes production of new red cells so I could breathe and my heart get back to a more normal rhythm. Thank God I’ve got really great doctors. (Don’t know how long that luxury will last though with the new Health Care bill…) I do hope you’re feeling better, now!

      • Hi Leslie,
        Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to focus on my bills, but obviously I found a way to avoid my work for a few minutes by visiting your blog.
        Yes, the images do help me look outside of myself. I look forward to using them. I shared them with my best friend, who is an anthropologist. I asked him if that was a croc or an alligator. He laughed and said, “Neither, I think it is a dog cause it’s so cute.” It has the sweetest face! I have the colorful one saved as a desktop and at night, sometimes I’ve turned out the lights and just looked at it. That is how much I see in the images. I have never had that experience before.
        Regarding my heart, well, they said they believe it is poor nutrition. They let me leave with it beating at about 49/minute. Then stress got it up after I got home. Still not feeling well at all. I’m not confused though, not like I was, so hopefully am some better. I hope they know what they are talking about. My doctor said a protein deficiency can cause this to happen. I have agreed to look into a program at the hospital to help me with my eating. It is full time though and I don’t know if I can handle that, so I may have to search for something else. I simply don’t feel like eating. I’ve had the problem for a long time. I can lose ten pounds in only days it seems. There is nothing glamorous about being skinny like some people think.
        Thank you for your concern. You are great!
        Hopefully, I will find the strength in myself to get some medical help, along with lessening my time spent rescuing others in my family, and worrying about things I cannot change. I just hope they are right as to the cause.
        I hope you are doing well. I love your recent images. Take care and for sure when I use one of the images I will most certainly let you know and show your link to give you credit.
        Again, let me say thank you. It is a beautiful gift you gave to me.

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  3. Good morning MP, having fun eavigating your site. Glad to say I was visitor 10,700 today. Left some ratings on artwork, some but not all. Will revisit the site later. Bye for now.

  4. Hi Leslie,
    I gave you a little gift on my blog. You can see it in the post, “Warrior Women with Blogs,” and you are not required to do anything with it.
    It’s a way to say thank you.


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