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Please, Baby Boomers, mark your calendars

This I Believe

RE-BLOG and UPDATE: The Bronze Killer and Me

Illuminating Blog Award

Virtual Green Healing

I DID IT! (Learning To Take Pleasure In Small Accomplishments)

A Completely Blank Mind

When There is No Cure

6 More Updates (just 17 left to go!)

Merry Christmas!

3 More Updated Posts

Updated Posts Worth Revisiting

50% OFF!!! Until 4:00pm PT Today Only!

Simple Pleasures

Internal Combustion (or How I Will Turn the Bile of Betrayal into Fuel for Deliverance)


The Pain of Switching Online File Hosts

LIMITED TIME – 50% Off ALL Cards

Evil? Or Just An Eternal Toddler?


The Difference Between “You” and “I”

Unconscious Art?

Never Too Old To Party!

Memorial Day Tango

Doris Sigal (neé Charkow) – R.I.P.

This Blog Has Eyes

Justice Watch – Day 4,762

Pollyanna Lives!

a.k.a. “Rip Van Winkle”

Black Friday Alert!

Supreme Farce

Going Postal Over Thanksgiving

Sort of Art Deco

Get Your Red Hots Here

Does A Mirror Reflect The Truth?

Spinning Wheel Gotta Go Round

Cleveland Corruption – R U Sorry Yet 4 Not Voting?

Community Yes! Government Less.

Rejection As A Prognosticator for Success

The Cat’s Got My Tongue

IconDoIt’s Commercial Break

What The Dormouse Said (The Art of Epilepsy)

I Am The Woman I Designed

Therapeutic Bear Hugs

The Fat Lady, The Phoenix, and Me.

Not A Dry Eye In The House

Got My Answer – Justice IS Possible in Florida!

Is Justice Anathema To Florida Probate?

What Do LeBron James, Ron Shegda,The Sigal Brothers & IconDoIt Have in Common?

Justice Watch – Week 16

July 4, 2010 – In Memoriam: Gerald P. Sigal, Esquire

The Bronze Killer and Me (+Patriotic Desktop Pix)

Small Steps, Big Feat

Book It, Pops!

Justice Watch – Week 13

Chinese Ornamental Hardware

Inspiration’s Good Wherever It Comes From

Justice Watch – Week 12

A Summer of Hummingbirds

Bogus Bogey Boogies Tonight!

Justice Watch – Week 11

Glass Is In Our Blood

Be Dazzled by IconDoIt on ZAZZLE

Can Art & Poetry Serve A Purpose Without the Story Behind It?

Connecting Sole To Souls

Moody, Grungy, Faux Books

Justice Watch – 12 Years, 9 Weeks & Counting

10,000 Have Visited IconDoIt. How About You?

Butterflies are Free

Pinkies Up in Appreciation of You

Rx: Silliness & Laughter Daily

Lilacs & Cardinal


It’s Always Mother’s Day In Heaven


Our Continuing Saga of Justice Delayed

Get Neue-Melamine in One Swell Foop

Draw of the Kentucky Derby

Countdown To Justice

Busy, Busy, Dizzy!

Requested Quote for Custom Icons – Real or Scam?

Off With Their Heads!

The Tax Man Cometh

Mucha Do’d It – And So Have I

Too Loose Nouveau for the 21st Century

ZIP IT – with apologies to DEVO

Easter Never FELT This Good

On Being Real (I FELT your pain)

I FELT that!

FELT BETTER? (Felt System Icons)

Justice In The Spotlight

I’ve FELT Spring In The Air!

What I do when me brain’s on the fritz…

Today’s My Birthday – Sew What?

This post will give you the Willies!

The “Real” Hemingway – Or Not.

More Hemingway-Inspired Clip-Art

Hemingway: To Be or Not To Be

Heeere’s ERNIE!

Hemingway, Part 2

OH BOY! A New Multi-Part Icon/Clip-Art Series – ‘Hemingway’

IconDoIt’s Homage to Picasso’s Homage to Cervantes

A Shaft of Light

Love, Love Me Do

IconDoIt Lautrec

Happy Notes!

Harlem Nocturne Follow-up

Harlem & Paris, Together at Last!

Lest We Never Forget, What?

Damn the Facts and Full Speed Ahead!

The Courtesy of Strangers

Quilting With Snakes

Reaching Justice

Sneak Preview

Situational Truth? Humbug! (+ Law-Related Icons)

FOX SPOKANE Link Fixed + New Legal Icons

May This New Year Be Filled With…

False Pride, Foolish Lies & Mermaids Cries

Christmas Wishes

A Life Without Music is Like…

Nuevo Deco Wrap-Up

Reflecting on Children & Parenting (and Nuevo Deco Global Icons)

Nuevo Deco Devices

Nuevo Deco Folder Icons

Location! Location! Locations!

Printable Gift Tag

Let it Snow!

‘Nuevo Deco’ Toolbar

‘Nuevo Deco’ Debuts! A Retro-Futuristic Redesign of Art Deco Icon Series

Giving Thanks (& Thanksgiving Art)

Fox Spokane Pt 3 – Img Types

New Look Is Here! + Elegance Pt. 2

Stay Tuned – New Look Coming!

Victorian Clip-Art & Icons

A Comeuppance (& Twitter Birds)

Solvo Ex Libris (free bookplates)

A Steampunk’d Alphabet

Cleveland Indians & Art Deco Icons

Halloween Folk-Art Avatars

“Escher Sketch” Redux

Blankies, Bananas & Bears, Oh My!

Autumn Splendor & Russet Icons

Declaration of Principles & Russet Icons

The Moral Chorale

Avatars March for Sylvan Rights!

Lawyers, Guns & Money

Who’s yer Avatar see in the mirror?

TopHat – Alpha-Numeric Icons

“CSI – Mac” ?

Mrs. Hudson & Sherlockian Icons

Legal Adversaries, Old Flames & Divine Irony

Fox Spokane Art Deco Icons Pt. 2

Fox Spokane (Copper Art Deco Icons)

Elegance (Wow! deez icons got class!)

Freedom Rings

Thoughts on Truth & Justice (& Legal Icons)

Small on Talk – Big on Icons

The Democratization of Art

South Beach Goodies

The ART of Survival

So Many Choices!

Art Deco: Icons – or – Clip Art?

Versatility of Man-Made Materials in Art Deco

Wise Words to Whet the Visual Appetite

Deviation to Green Day & Zack

Art Deco Wallpaper

Art Deco’s Celebration of Life

Speed is Beauty

Art Deco says: …”No Thanks for the Memories”

Something to Crow About

Art Deco Rebellion

The Constraints of WordPress.Com

A Century Ahead of it’s Time

Birth of a Blog

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