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Pollyanna Lives!

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It’s been so long since I’ve been able to post. So much going on in my head. So much going on in my life. While my body continues to fail me, my efforts to beat the clock have succeeded beyond what I ever dared to hope for, and I’ve somehow managed to continue to grow while dying. (Is that a Dylan song in the making, or what?)

Optimism is an odd but powerful creature and my religion of choice. I’ve been labelled a “Pollyanna” by those who intended it as a derision, but I have always worn that as a badge of honor. To me, the label means that nothing is impossible. Improbable, yeah. But not impossible. Even when I’m overwhelmed, have good reason for feeling sorrowful and afraid, a voice inside nags at me to “just hang on, as this, too, shall pass.“ Without that voice, I would have succumbed long ago. Without that voice, I would not even want to survive. But with that voice, I will always look forward to tomorrow and whatever it may bring.

While I have never really made specific plans for the future, I learned early on the importance of being open to whatever came knocking on my door. It’s taken me in so many directions – wonderful directions – which were well beyond my ability to conceive of beforehand, and led to a rich and enjoyable life filled with interesting and wonderful friends and associates. The only downside (besides my health) has been in trying to keep up with all the plates I’ve got spinning. I have tried to give 100% to everyone and every cause. I know that in my heart, the commitment is there, but have yet to be able to consistently show it. Never enough hours, never enough energy. But as I truly believe that nothing is impossible, I’ll keep on trying and hopefully my friends will continue to understand and put up with my sporadic bursts of activity and periods of quiet.

Free Clip-Art / Icons of the Day: ”Brass Balz” Series, Part 1

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Brass Balz_Address Book

Brass Balz _ DayPlanner

Brass Balz _ Generic FolderBrass Balz _ Downloads

Brass Balz _ Notes


Easter Tiger Lily (card) card
Creepy Friends (3-ring binder)
Easter Bunny in Pink (card) card

2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Lives!

  1. Hi Leslie! Yes, it has been a long time and I’m so sorry it’s because you’ve been having to fight so hard. I don’t know what to say, other than I’m sorry your health has been failing you and truly, thank you for posting and sharing your life.

    It is always a treat to read your posts and see your art. I like your creepy friends album.

    I wish I could come see you and we could just visit. Are you able to go outside at all? It was warm here for a good while, but is cold again. I’m sitting bundled up as I write. Is it cold there?

    I haven’t felt like going out much, but a lot of that is because I am not so optimistic and life does get me down. I feel badly for you because your Pollyanaish way is wonderful, so of all people, you are certainly one who deserves an outing into the fresh air.

    I am thinking of you, as you also live in my heart. May the Great Power of Optimism rain Blessings and Healing upon you!
    ((((hugs)))) That is a really big hug! xoxoxo…

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