When There is No Cure

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Science and medicine have come so far over the last 50 years that it’s easy to presume there is a “cure” for everything, or at least a treatment that’ll ease any pain or other disabling symptoms and extend your life. But that is hardly the reality for millions of folks suffering from either rare or just simply mysterious illnesses that medical researchers have yet to crack. I don’t know what is worse: to find yourself saddled with conditions in the class of those “un-cracked” diseases or to be suffering from diseases and conditions for which treatments (or even cures) ARE available but you can’t take them because you either can’t afford it or because you have other diseases or conditions at the same time that make you ineligible for such treatment. I happen to be in that last category and can honestly say it really sucks! But I also think that there is no good reason for anyone to actually try to weigh “what sucks more” as that would end up invalidating the frustrations and grief experienced by those in whichever group is found to “suck less”. Nothing positive can come out of being subjected to others who try to deny the reality of your situation and who attempt to invalidate your feelings. All it accomplishes is adding to the frustration, stress, and feelings of isolation you already feel.

While those who suffer from any medical condition in any of the above categories can (and should) attempt to educate their family, friends, bosses and coworkers about the reality of their situation (particularly if does or can have a direct impact on those others), too often those “others” don’t WANT to be educated. Usually, such reactions are out of fear for their own health, comfort, or other personal interest. But IMHO, from my personal observations, any benefit gained from sticking one’s head in the sand is doomed to be short-lived and eventually regretted. (Ed. That’s not intended as a threat to anyone, as it is simply the statistical truth based on experience and the laws of probability). Quite candidly, I’ve finally learned to recognize that the consequences suffered by such Ostriches, due to their deliberately maintaining a status of “plausible deniability”, is THEIR problem, not mine. I am no longer willing to waste my time trying to open the eyes of those human ostriches as experience has taught they will only ever see what they want to see. My mission is not to console the regretful naysayers, but to help myself and others who face no viable treatment or cure available to them. My 2012 plan towards achieving that goal via my blog is to research, explore, blog and share different ways to Live (with a capital “L”) even while we’re struggling just to survive.

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