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Coming up with titles for these postings is quite a challenge at times. The title not only should reflect the content of the post in a meaningful manner but should also been intriguing enough to draw in passers-by who may not otherwise realize there’s something here of interest to them. In the case of tonight’s post which includes some clip art I created that was inspired by Toulouse Lautrec, I had an additional consideration to balance my choice of titles upon. And so, I imagine you don’t need further explanation as to why “IconDoIt Lautrec” won out over “Too Loose Leslie”… 😉

I have always loved the feel of Toulouse Lautrec’s artwork. It just so full of life, vibrant and real and totally absent of any judgment upon the people depicted or the activities they’re engaged in. So very different from most other artists of his time – or of any time, for that matter. He was a true observer and reporter in my mind: capturing only what was rather than what he thought it should have been. That puts him on the list for my ultimate dream cocktail party when I depart from this world. Who’s on your list?

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