Fox Spokane (Copper Art Deco Icons)

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A tiny architectural detail carved into the façade of the fabulous Art Deco building which originally housed The Fox Theatre in Spokane, Washington (and which now houses the Spokane Symphony Orchestra) was the starting inspiration for this series. Evidence of this is only reflected in my version of the building as the User’s Home Icon and on a Diary Application Icon. What developed from that detail though is a multi-part set of brushed-satin copper icons with an art-deco touch which includes icons for basic system replacements, folders, devices, applications, dock, toolbar, clippings, locations, interior library folders, and more.

A comparison between this icon series, my South Beach Series, and my original Art Deco series is a great demonstration of the diversity within the Art Deco genre, and why it can be somewhat difficult to describe in a few short sentences. But, to paraphrase a line from (former) Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, “I know it when I see it!”

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