Glass Is In Our Blood

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There is something about glass that has always intrigued me. Just the idea that you could mix together various elements that were seemingly opaque themselves to create a new material altogether that was suddenly translucent seems magical. Learning the science of it hasn’t put a damper to my awe (same way I still feel about the transmission of radio and television waves, but that’s something for another post.) Years ago before my son was born, me hubby and I took a class together to learn how to make leaded glass windows. It was Don’s idea and I just went along for the ride (or so was my original intention). That experience was actually the first time that I found a way that I could express myself visually and it opened up a whole new world for me.

After Rob was born, I put away all of my raw glass and tools because I was concerned about him wandering into it and getting hurt. I figured I’d get back to creating new windows after he got older, but as usually happens in life, our circumstances changed. By the time Rob was old enough for me to feel it’d be safe, I no longer had the time for the hobby as I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week on a construction site. So my interest in glass resorted to appreciating the work of others.

And then, when Robert was 16, he came home very late from school one day just bursting with excitement. A friend had asked him on the spur of the moment if he could lend a hand that day with a special project. Always willing to help out a friend, Rob went along without any other thought in mind about it. Well, it turns out that the “special project” involved going to a studio down the road where the friend was blowing glass. Rob instantly fell in love with that craft and for the next several years, it was all he was interested in and even earned several scholarships to various colleges and universities based upon his glass work.

The world economy changed drastically during Rob’s last year in college though and the prospects for making a full-time living as a fine artist had grown even tougher than usual, so he decided to expand his range of skills by adding in a minor in Graphic Arts. Rob still dabbles in blowing glass when he can afford the studio costs and supplies and has several pieces on display and for sale in a “The O Gallery”, a local high-end art gallery that features new and upcoming artists. And often now, when in town visiting us “Old Folks”, Robby will wheel me off to our favorite glass gallery to drool over the Chihuly’s and such.

One day, I hope to be well enough and strong enough to join Rob at the studio and to have him teach me how to blow glass. Wouldn’t that be a kick? I just love it when my son teaches me something new, especially when it’s something he’s excited about too. In the meantime, while I dream about being able to take part in such things, I have focused my energy into creating a few digital trompe l’oeil of blown glass perfume bottles. I’ve got no idea on earth what they may be good for, but t’was fun to create. Hope you enjoy!

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