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“L’Chaim” is Hebrew and is a common toast and greeting meaning “To Life”. That’s a subject I think about every day. Grateful for the gift of life. Trying hard to make mine worthwhile. To make a positive difference in this world that’ll survive me and get passed on to others and to future generations. Trying to glean what I can as to what G-d has in mind for me and what I must do to earn his respect. Trying to learn something new each day and to take notice of everything so I won’t forget. Trying hard not to trip over the hurdles in my life and to not let myself give in to anger or self-pity. Trying to find each day, something to delight in, and something to say “Thank You” for. It’s a full time job for me these days but it carries me through. And I wish for you all, L’Chaim!”. Don’t let it go to waste.


L'Chaim Card