Easter Never FELT This Good

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Are you up late tonight helping the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs? I remember those years fondly when our (now, 26-year-old) son was at that age when he’d be like a Mexican Jumping Bean, filled with excitement, over the prospect of searching for those wonder of wonders, chocolate and jelly bean EGGS laid ostensibly by a most unusual species of Hare. One of Rob’s favorite things to do from the time he was 3 was to draw all kinds of maps – maps for “Hunting the Elusive Bear”, maps for his Grandma in Cleveland, Ohio to get to our home (at that time) in Winchester, Virginia; and of course, the most important kind of map of all – just ask any pirate – the Treasure Map! But he couldn’t draw a Treasure Map to where that Lop-Ear Minstrel of Merriment had hid her eggs until AFTER he had found them all. I was a real corker of a Momma back then, teasing the boy by coming up with ever more ways to drag out the game so he’d really have to think and search so when he finally found the handful of sweets he’d feel like he had accomplished something worthwhile. So I’d stay up half the night before trying to come up with some kind of clever riddles that when answered correctly, would lead Rob to each of the eggs. The first year we did this, was a breeze but as the years went on it got harder and harder for ME to come up with some place new and, harder yet, come up with a clue that was not too easy, not too hard, and hopefully worth a laugh. I finally got smart the last couple years we did this, though. I’d go hide the treats and then delegate the task of writing the riddles to me Hubby! Hmm, Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

As I mentioned, Robby has outgrown this game (to some extent…) but we’ve got a new twist on it this year. Later this morning we’re going to visit my Hubby’s 92-year old Mother at the Nursing Home she moved to a few months ago. And instead of hunting for Easter Eggs, Don, Rob and I are all going to hunt for Grandma’s dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids!! Whee! — Well, time does seem to have a way of marching on and no one ever said that getting old is a dignified process. Thank God, we’ve all still got our sense of humor and that Grandma’s being taken such good care of by the Dominican Nuns and lay-people who run the facility she lives at now.

To all of my friends and readers who celebrate Easter and those who celebrate the renewal of life at this season, may you always be joyful and blessed and showered in sunshine and love.

——- Leslie

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