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I’ve been pretty busy the last days, volunteering to do all kinds of graphics work for Ron Shegda’s Campaign for PA State Rep, 136th Dist. Yeah, I know. I don’t even live in Pennsylvania, so why would I care? I care because no matter what state you live in, as US Citizens we’re all affected by the elected officials of every state. I care because too many people fail to vote on local elections, but besides the fact that our daily lives are first and foremost affected by our local leaders, our Congressmen, Senators, and President generally rise out of the pool of locally elected officials and for once, I’d like to have the tough choice between “Best” and “Bester” rather than the lesser of two evils. By supporting “the good guys” and voting for them on the local level now, we’ll have a better chance of getting better choices in the future.

As to Ron Shegda in particular: Ron is different from the typical politicians we’ve all come to know and loathe. He has strong inner values while at the same time, has an open mind. I’ve found him to be extremely well-read (better yet, he actually understands what he’s read!) and very curious and interested in hearing other points of view, whether on the issues themselves or on the best way to achieve a certain goal. Ron doesn’t simply parrot a worn party line as his goals are to serve his constituents by protecting their rights to self-determination, freedom from government, and to inspire greater community involvement. As an old Flower Child of the 1960’s, that’s what I had gotten involved in protests for and I haven’t changed a bit in those values, although I’ve learned that we can’t allow ourselves to make presumptions about candidates based solely on the political party they’re affiliated with. We’ve got to go by the individual character and actions of the men and women who’s names are on the ballot. Sure, that takes a bit of homework, but considering the fact that our whole way of life is at stake, it is definitely worth the time.

Community Yes!  Government Less.

CD “Community Yes! Government Less.”
All profits go to “Citizen’s for Ron Shegda” & are tax-deductible.

Ron hosts a radio show, “The Two Things We Don’t Talk About” every Tuesday morning from 8:00-9:00 am, on WPGN Sunny 1100, that also streams live so you can see them in the studio) called . Generally, Ron has on a guest of either local or national interest and they chat about current issues. Sometimes the discussions get deeply into a subject and other times it’s more breezy while remaining informative. Yesterday, Ron’s guest was my father, Dr. Roland Sigal. It was the first time I had ever heard my father talk about what it was like around the family dinner table while he was growing up. For some reason, I had never pictured him before sitting down with his Mom, Dad and 2 younger brothers. He has always been a grown-up in my mind (a forever young at heart grown-up, but never a child.) So it was interesting. To see yesterday’s show, click: Episode 46: Campaigning For Victory Full Speed Ahead.

On tonight’s menu, I’m posting a few images on the timely subject of the housing market and foreclosures. Enjoy!

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Brick House

For Sale Vignette

Foreclosed Vignette

For Sale SignForeclosed Sign

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