Legal Adversaries, Old Flames & Divine Irony

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Many moons ago, my hubby penned a song that was inspired by a rather unpleasant conversation he had with a former girlfriend whose (then) husband had invited us to a party at their apartment. That song, entitled “Don’t Paint Me”, has always been one of my favorites of his original compositions for a number of reasons, not the least of which is due to the memory of his band (“Halo”) performing it one night at a local bar. At the table next to me was a group of rowdy people getting off on the music and beer and I could not help but notice that in the center of that group was the infamous ex-girlfriend who was excitedly bragging to those around her how she used to date that sexy lead guitarist in the white suit. The fun part was that she was completely oblivious to the fact that the lyrics being sung at that very moment were a biting commentary about her less than honorable character.

“Don’t Paint Me”

©1973, Donald E. Javorek. All Rights Reserved.

You trace the face of friends so dear

You draw them in the dust

Painting words you choose with careless colors.

You draw my blood for red highlights

Green jealousy flashes your eyes

Don’t admit the sky is blue, it might strain you.

Argue with your arguments

Don’t argue with your friends.

The wisdom you claim is claimed by you alone dear.

Argue with your arguments

Don’t argue with your friends

The freedom you take may already be taken.

Ear can hear yes language speaks

To memories that you choose

You believe the past, refuse what’s coming.

Pain has faded and run from my heart

You will oh please take your fine fat tongue

And wind it up, never more to bark.

Show me your friends and I’ll show you you are who you reconstruct me to be

Change me only in your mind, don’t affect me.

Changes you see are lies to your eyes

If wishes are all that they can be

Your mind it paints my actions to look like your dreams

What brought this song to mind tonight were the documents I was reviewing for a planned discussion with my attorney tomorrow. I’ve been trapped in a nightmare of a lawsuit going on close to a dozen years now but until tonight I had never thought of how apt Don’s lyrics were for my self-proclaimed adversary. Details of the case itself deserve a blog or a book of its own but I’ll leave that for another lifetime. Until then, my friends, I hope you’ll be satisfied with another round of legal-oriented icons, the creation of which is part of my stress-reduction therapy.

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