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I started out 5 hours ago to write tonight’s post but just kept getting distracted by various incoming phone calls, e-mails, and notifications of some very relevant and significant new case-law handed down yesterday that I took the time to thoroughly read and digest. ( This was not a ruling in my case, as I expect that will be another week or two, but it could be important for me in the future if any part of my case gets remanded (sent back) to the trial court for more hearings. ) The long and the short of these distractions is that I am just too tired now to think. So this post will be another one of those short on talk but BIG on the freebies.

The reference in this post’s title to DEVO is probably obvious to those of you familiar with this quirky, brilliant band that originally hails from my neck of the woods. I was a big fan of theirs in the early-mid 1970’s when the members were still in college (and some in high school) and our paths had crossed often back then since I was working in radio, running the sound board for my hubby’s various bands, and a registered booking agent working with a handful of mall in the Cleveland-Painesville area. For those of you who think you are NOT familiar with DEVO, you’ve probably heard them a million times without even realizing it, as a number of their songs and derivatives of those have served as the soundtrack for a number of TV shows (‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’, ‘South Park’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Rugrats’), movies(‘Austin Powers, The Spy That Shagged Me’, and commercials. Of the latter, there been one spot on for a few years now for a cleaning mop call ‘The Swiffer’ where you see this woman going off the deep-end sweeping and dusting everything in sight where her movements get more and more robotic as a techno-pop sounding song plays in the background with the chorus “You can Swiff it. Swiff it Good.” – The song is a parody by DEVO of DEVO’s own chart-topper from the 1970’s called “Whip It“. Once you become aware of the band, you’ll suddenly start hearing them everywhere – and most if not all of their work seems to incorporate one of their early trademark songs (‘Whip It’, ‘Mongoloid’, and ‘Q. Are We Not Men? A. We Are Devo’). It is not because the band isn’t creative enough to come up with something new – they are probably one of the most creative in the business (particularly Mark Mothersbaugh) – but if is perfectly in keeping with their philosophy of art and wonderful sense of irony and satire for them to spoof themselves spoofing others who take themselves much too seriously. – So the connection of my post’s title to DEVO is simply this: Every time I compress a file to make a zipped archive, I have this compelling urge that makes me sing to myself “Zip It. Zip it Good”. I know. It’s pretty lame but there you are.

So on to tonight’s GIGANTIC menu of Freebies, in addition to a few random Felted images, I’m serving up a link to the complete set of my Felted Series, which includes #205 .png images (512×512 pixels each) plus the coordinating felted wallpaper in 3 different screen sizes. Zipped down it’s still a whopping 40.81mb – so if you’re using a dial-up connection, you may want to stick with downloading the individual images embedded in these related blog posts:

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BTW, Please note that the zipped file contains many more images than what I’ve posted individually on this blog.

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