This I Believe

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The post above comes from Casey Braun, the son of Steve and Sue Braun (very dear friends of ours and our own son’s God-Parents). I’ve re-blogged this particular post because it’s just some excellent advice for those seeking jobs – as well as for everyone else! IMHO, it is vital that we each stand for something – something that defines who we are and gives purpose to our life. The essay that Casey recommends is something that I personally believe should be repeated every year – to remind us who we are – and to see how we’ve grown (or strayed).

‘Nuevo Deco’ Toolbar

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Just got off the phone with my friend Jane after, as usual with her, having had a very interesting, thought-provoking conversation. Never know where discussions with her will lead to but know they will never be boring. Janie flits from one topic to another but her segues always seem natural, her enthusiasm infectious, her wide-range of interests and knowledge mind-blowing, and she always leaves me feeling appreciated, wanted, valuable, loved, and even understood. What more can anyone else want from a friend? Only the ability to impart the same and know it has made a positive difference in the life of my friend that lasts longer than the length of our calls or visits. But life just doesn’t work that way and we rarely, if ever, get to know whether we had any affect at all on others, on the world, much less whether we had the affect we intended. I guess that’s why they say “Character is what you do when you think no one is looking”. You’ve just got to do what you believe is right or at least what you honestly and objectively believe is best under the given situation and have faith that it will all add up in the end to being a life both worthy and worthwhile.

Apropos, if you haven’t yet read (or at least seen the movie) of Mitch Albom‘s book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, it’s a gem that deserves your time. It is nothing what you might expect, even if you’re already familiar with any of Albom’s other books (“Tuesdays with Morrie”, “For One More Day”, “With a Little Faith”). Through very simple language and ordinary characters, Albom elicits the most profound observations about people, life, and what really matters after all has been said and done. Remarkably, he never resorts to preaching any particular philosophy or religion, never hits you over the head, never gives in to using common metaphors or over-used phrases that could lessen the emotional impact of his story. Enough said.

So now, from the tools of life to the toolbar of your Finder or other application windows. (How’s that for a transition? 😉 ) This afternoon I’m issuing Part 2 of my 10-part ‘Nuevo Deco’ icon series. Enjoy!

Free Icons of the Day

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Avatars March for Sylvan Rights!

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I don’t know if my attempts at diversity are exactly politically correct, but this assortment of avatar/icons that I dug out of my digital toy bin tonight are each proud of their heritage and hope to bring a smile to your face. If you choose to adopt them for your own, take them out for a walk in the woods once in a while and you’ll have a friend for life…

Hey, I’m sick and retired. I don’t gotta make sense all the time, do I? 😉

Free Clip-Art / Icons of the Day

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