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My cousin, Flo, is one of the most brilliant and talented women I know. Intensely passionate about her work as the head of a successful I.T. consulting group, Excalibur I.T., when she doffs that cap it is most often for the other major passion in her life as a member of an elite international community of “Sherlockians“. Flo’s alter-ego, Mrs. Flora Hudson not only hosts her own website but also has designed and maintained a number of other sites for members of the Sherlockian Web-Ring and is a sought-after lecturer on, amongst other topics, “The Art of Poisons”. Yet in the midst of all her own commitments and interests, she took the time to drive 500 miles from her home to mine in the middle of a storm one night to care for me, my family and our home at a time when I was undergoing a third round of chemo and was completely dependent on the assistance of others for the most basic of human needs.

There is no adequate way really to thank someone for their spontaneous love and well-intentioned efforts that went beyond the call. I admit to being entirely inept when it comes to the formal manners of “good breeding” and society and am well-known amongst friends and family as one who never (or at least very rarely) initiates a phone call, while at the same time, will drop everything and listen for hours on end and do whatever else that I can to assist those who reach out to me and don’t take my quirks as a personal affront.

And so, the real point of this post is to publicly acknowledge my appreciation and love for my cousin, Flora Spector, and to share with the rest of you, some of the artwork I created inspired by Flo’s passion for Mr. Sherlock Holmes (and all things Victorian).

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