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Memorial Day Tango

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First things first…

I’d like to offer my salute and prayers to all members of our armed forces and their support teams who bravely gave their lives for our freedom and for the freedom of those whose own governments sought to suppress freedom. To the families they left behind, we can never quite feel your pain, but recognize that you, too, have sacrificed for your country. We are grateful and proud to be the beneficiaries of your dedication to the ideals of a free world and to our country, which forges ahead working towards spreading those ideals and the tools of knowledge and love to achieve it. The struggle is hardly over, but the efforts of our military heros, fallen or disabled, family or in-the-field support, has not been in vain. Their spirits live on and inspire us to be worthy of their sacrifice. To the rest of the civilians like myself, please take a moment to remember and another moment to donate, whatever you can, to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) who provide much needed support for the soldiers who’ve returned with the scars of war and the families left on their own.


The old saw that “It takes two to Tango”, while clever, is a set-up for faulty logic when applied to any and all contentious disputes in litigation. No reasonable person would assert that the bloody, vicious battles between the Christians and the lions could have been avoided or should have been resolved by the Christians “taking the high road” by conceding the contest to the lions. What was true in ancient Rome remains true today in our modern-day colliseums: the court house. Like the Christians and lions, not every party to a lawsuit is responsible for the necessity of court involvement nor responsible for such litigation being unnecessarily prolonged and not every case where the adversaries share the same biological parents can be attributed to a mutual sibling rivalry. But it often can be difficult to determine who is the aggressor and who is the victim, which is why it is so vital for all of us to suppress our frustrations and preconceived notions and try to listen and observe anew.

As every judge in every court knows well, the danger in making premature judgments based upon faulty logic is the increased likelihood truth will escape, the merits never reached, justice will be compromised, and public policy defeated. The task we ask of our judicial system is tall indeed as our judges are as human as we. And so, on this Memorial Day, when we pause to remember those who’ve fought for our freedom, that we all resolve to aspire to facilitate justice in this life. Likewise, it seems equally fitting to pray for those men and women who struggle each day to keep the faith of our fallen patriots with their hearts, minds and courtrooms every day. Lord knows, it ain’t easy.

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Memorial Day Salute 2011

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