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Doris Sigal (neé Charkow) – R.I.P.

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If you’re an old-timer like me, you probably remember the old Morton Salt trademark phrase “When it rains, it pours”. Sometimes those Madmen accidentally told the truth. And so, it is with a heavy heart that I write this post to honor the memory of my step-mother, Doris Charkow Sigal. Married to my father, Dr. Roland Lee Sigal for what would have been 50 years next month, Doris passed away peacefully in her sleep at home, yesterday. (Thursday May 19, 2011)

Doris & Dr. Roland L. Sigal - Doris, We’ll Miss You!

My most favorite memory of Doris is of Thanksgiving of 2005 when she and my Dad came to visit us from their home in Allentown, Pa. After gorging ourselves on a wonderful meal prepared by my hubby, Don and son, Robert, we sat around the table listening aptly to my parents reminisce about their various adventures traveling around the world. Mostly, it was my Dad who did the talking. But as he spoke, Doris cuddled up to him and look rapturously into his eyes the entire time. I don’t know that I have ever seen a woman in her 70’s so obviously still in love with her husband. That was the one and only time that I was permitted a glimpse into their private relationship and it had a profound affect on me – and on my husband and son.

In her 20’s, Doris dabbled in painting and I’ve heard she had promising talent, but have never seen any of her works. That’s at least in part because she chose instead to make a career of cheering her husband (and daughter, Marcie Friedman, from a prior marriage) on, as they went on to fulfill their personal dreams, shared dreams, and far exceed what any spouse or parent dares to expect. Doris was my father’s enthusiastic partner in sharing the fruits of their hard work and good fortune with others through numerous generous donations to hospitals, The Sigal Center (a top-notch primary health care center to serve the poor), colleges, art museums, and the symphony (among others) – all within their local community.

Doris left her stamp on many lives and her spirit shall live on forever through the lives and accomplishments of those she helped or inspired.

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Memorial Headstone

3 Red Gerbera Daisies

3 Gerbera Daisies


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4 thoughts on “Doris Sigal (neé Charkow) – R.I.P.

  1. so sorry to hear, but what a beautiful post….
    I know I haven’t popped in here for ages, but is my time of when it rains it pours….
    willtry come back or em`il you I have my arm in a cast which makes it difficult to type right now,,,
    HUge hugggzzzz

    • Bless you, dear Mrs. Peel. I’ve missed your written words, creative artwork, the photo-diaries of your beautiful daughter, and more. But I’ve been “away” too and take comfort in knowing my friends understand. I am sorry to hear that your body continues to beat up on you. Life sure ain’t meant for wusses…
      xxxooo Leslie

  2. How treasured Every Person in this world. Dr. Sigal is like a Father to me. I honor every moment together, especially time in the Sigal home. Since we became “family” in the recent few years, I only knew Mrs. Sigal during her incapacitation.

    Dr. Sigal, my Campaign Chair for Public Office, relished our many visits in their living room or in his home office. He especially regarded my genuine concern for Mrs. Sigal. Upon entering their home–in the same way as by telephone–I would always inquire about Mrs. Sigal. In the home, Dr. Sigal would always encourage me to greet his Bride.

    I was edified by his great love and care for Mrs. Sigal. In the last two years of her life, there was but a semblance of a vibrant Partner in this dramatic journey of life. Yet reminiscent of my Mother of 88 years who left this world on a ventilator, Mrs. Sigal was always alive and present to me.

    It was a complete thrill of validating my own breath every time I greeted Mrs. Sigal. Dr. Sigal would usually comment, “Ron, She’s a little distant.” I knew what he meant. She gazed silently in heavenward fashion. Yet many of our encounters were either on Friday afternoon or the Jewish Sabbath itself. I would kiss Mrs. Sigal and say, “Good Shabbos!”

    The biggest smile would come upon her face. It was the only time she would look at me, when I wished her “Shabat Shalom.” Mrs. Sigal would look me directly in the eyes and say, “Good Shabbos.” She would wear the biggest smile on her face.

    What a treasure to evoke someone’s love of G-d. Mrs. Sigal loved her husband, her family, and most of all, she loved The Lord of the Universe. She now rests with G-d eternally. Good Shabbos, Forever, Mrs. Sigal.

    Ron Shegda

    • Thank You, Ronnie for taking the time to stop by my blog and pay your tributes to both Doris and my Dad. I also appreciate the photos you sent me from the funeral. I wish it had been possible to be there but thankfully my father understands how hard is for me (and Don) to travel such distance and did not allow our absence to cause doubt our love and support. My heart breaks for my Dad as I know Doris’ passing was the final confirmation that he had lost his best friend. Long ago I learned that lonliness comes first from within and that the only way to fill that hole is to reach out in an effort to bring comfort to others. With my father’s huge heart and generous nature, I am confident that when he has exhausted his grief, that he’ll realize how valuable he remains to his family and community, and that he’ll look for and find new avenues to share his wisdom, compassion, friendship and love.
      Bless You.

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