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Supreme Farce

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that this post, as all others, represents purely my personal intellectual opinions and emotional feelings, and are not to be construed as anything more. As they say on “COPS” “All parties are innocent until proven guilty.” Since this case is still active, the final judgment of the justices has yet to be determined, but their ruling will be based on the official case records, which by law are available to the public (only certain of those documents are available online. For all others (transcripts, pleadings, etc.) you can only view them in person at the Florida 17th Circuiit Court in Broward County, Florida.

A brief poetic post to update you all

on the state of my legal fate under Florida law.

• • •

As last you heard my appeal it was won,

My adversary, livid, sought to have it undone.

Not wanting the Judges to be burdened with facts,

she tried striking my answer in a childish attack.

The Court had no patience to play such games.

Their mandate well-reasoned, the law very clear,

Three appellate judges denied her “Motion to Rehear”

• • •

In a fit of hysteria over the defeat of her plea,

unable to acknowledge loss gracefully,

my adversary scowled and dug in her heels.

Grabbing a torch for the earth

she’s threatened to scorch,

and is now charging onward

to the State Supreme Court.

• • •

Think about this. Yes! You heard me right.

My adversary’s taken to the Supreme Court her fight.

• • •

It does not matter that she abused my trust

nor does she care what is fair or just.

She flaunts the very law she’s sworn to uphold,

and perverts her fiduciary duty to benefit herself.

What matters to her most at the end of the day?

Simply to avoid all consequences, deflect all blame,

and shift to her victims her burden and shame.

• • •

She’s blind to the truth and deaf to my cries,

blissfully ignorant no one’s buying her lies

She’s contemptuous of all who don’t see her way,

charges them as biased, stupid or mean,

yet expects her bare argument and tears to sway.

• • •

With arrogance she proceeds to go higher and higher,

pushing her luck and refusing to quit.

But perseverance alone cannot bring her honor,

for she’s littered the pathway with hatred and bile.

When the goal that one seeks

relies on corpses and ruins,

there will be no adulation nor respect conferred.

• • •

How sad and lonely it must be

to live your life perpetually

behind a facade only you can see

with nothing of substance inside.

• • • ƒini • • •

• • •


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