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Got My Answer – Justice IS Possible in Florida!

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For those of you who’ve been following my blog and my long, long wait for a ruling from the court, I can now say that the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in view! Yesterday, the Florida 4DCA finally posted their opinion on my case. The good news is that they denied my adversary’s appeal of the trial court’s order from 2008. The great news is that they granted my appeal, remanded the question about “how much” my adversary must pay me for attorneys fees and costs, and also paved the way for the Trial Court to be able to consider the question of breach of contract, damages and unjust enrichment. So while it’s not completely over yet, as my son said,

“It’s the beginning of the end.”

The opinion will not be considered “final” (or as they call it in Florida, a “Mandate” for 15 days in order to give the parties an opportunity to request either clarification or reconsideration. But for those of you who are interested, you can download the Court’s opinion in .pdf form here: Carlin v. Javorek. The opinion only addresses the issues that were addressed in the order on appeal so it’s not really very informative as far as what I consider to be the “real” issues which brought about this case in the first place. But that’s okay because, as I said above, they not only did not slam the door shut on those issues, they left it wide open with a sign above it saying “Enter”.

Because of the nature of the case where certain issues remain to be resolved, I do not want to unfairly influence either the court, potential jurors, nor be in a position where I could actually be held liable for slander or libel (vs. unreasonably be accused of it) despite the fact that the truth is always a strong defense against such charges. So I hope y’all will understand if I don’t respond to any question for more details on those unresolved issues at this time.

I owe a huge hug and Thanks to my appellate attorney, Robin Bresky, without who’s understanding of what was really at stake in this case, hard work in researching the law and fussing over the wording to get it just right, and kind patience and understanding for what I have been personally going through. I could not have gotten through this without her and heartily recommend her services to anyone and everyone!

And, Thanks to all of you who have so kindly supported me and taken so much time out of your own lives to write me (on and off the blog) and/or call me. You are truly appreciated and I am blessed to have such friends as you.

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4 thoughts on “Got My Answer – Justice IS Possible in Florida!

  1. OOHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!! I m SO happy for you!!!! you cannot imagine how long I have been waiting to see a header like this here…..great news 🙂
    I wanna jump up and down and go hugg you…for now, as we are so far, have my very, very heart felt virtual huggzzzz, and keep us updated… 🙂
    I ll be praying for you from here, but I can feel that this is one of those cases where justice HAS, NEEDS to be done and it will 🙂
    I haven’t been entirely well, and wanted to comment in one post where you were saying how there are days you are full of energy and can’t sleep for many hours, others you can’t even open your eyes…because this is how i feel most of the time…
    I have some good things happening, like being chosen for SweetDigiScraps CT, which, considering the women that are already part of the Creative Team plus the ones selectioned…well, is an honor… but also Sarita in the teenage years is a challenge…anyway, will write a post probably soon, but didn;t want to let this go without saying how happy I am for you….your son speaks right: the beginning of the end sounds just right…
    huge, huge huggzz from my heart

  2. Bless you my friend! You have been on my mind and in my prayers. I’m so sorry that you’ve been having such a rough time of it and hope that your doctors at least have a handle on what’s going on and how they can best help you. England’s health care system is so different from what we’re used to (and I hope it stays that way, too – other than if England goes back to private medicine).

    Having survived raising a teenager in general and at the same time I was sick and disabled in specific, I can understand what you are going through. I was blessed not to have to do it alone and so I admire you all the more for handling it so well (which I know you ARE). If you ever want to talk about specific situations, feel free to write me off-the-blog for privacy sake.

    CONGRATULATIONS on SweetDigiScraps CT !!! It’s quite an honor and well-deserved! I look forward to following you there.

    Huggz to you.

  3. Hi Leslie!
    It looks like I waited ’til a good time to read your blog. I’m very glad to hear that the end is near and like Mrs. Peel said, “Justice needs to be done and it will.” 🙂
    Also, what a wonderful image. It makes me ask myself what would it take for me to feel the weight of the world taken off my shoulders. Maybe I should make a list.
    Today my mechanic took the weight a little by taking my car. When you can’t drive, well, you can’t make it to appointments, or go through traffic or any of those things that tire me out. A little blessing in disguise.
    Hugs and warm wishes to you…

  4. Hi Leslie,
    I knew I would eventually want to use this image. Thank you, as always, for your art. I used it in a post, “Refusing defeat.”
    I hope you are doing alright my friend. Also, I look forward to whatever comes next in your blog.

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