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Small Steps, Big Feat

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I’m baaack! Actually, I got home from my little expedition to my Dad’s a week ago tonight but the trip took so much out of me, both physically and emotionally, that I have pretty much slept for the past 7 days! – To so many of you who had written to me both on and off this blog, Thank You so much for worrying about me and for being patient with me and forgiving me for being “off blog” longer than I had originally planned..The trip I took (approx. 350 miles from my home in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio to my father’s home in Allentown, Pa.) was for only 4 days but was a monumental event in more ways than one.

Forgive me for boasting, but in light of my having been (literally) confined to bed for the last 7 years, the fact that I made it there and back again in relatively good shape feels like a huge accomplishment. For several months before we went, I had to work really hard to build up the stamina to be able to sit up by myself for an hour or so at a time and then to be able to walk (with my spiffy blue Drive Rollator) for short distances (like from a parking lot to my seat at a table in a restaurant). And then, perhaps most importantly of all, I had to work on being able to simply stay awake for more than a 2 hour stretch at a time! In some ways, it sounds ridiculous to be so pleased about having attained such seemingly meager goals, but from where I started, it IS a big deal. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help and inspiration from me hubby and son, who were absolutely wonderful in their support and keeping me safe and doing all the driving (8 hours each way!)

Forever Young T-Shirt

“Forever Young” – Image on the T-Shirt I created for my Dad’s 85th birthday features a photo of him when he was 25 yrs. old.

One of the other reason(s) this trip was so monumental was the purpose of it: We went to celebrate my Dad’s 85th Birthday!! Now THAT’s an amazing accomplishment and blessing! Not many folks are lucky enough to reach that age and I’m willing to bet that of those who do reach 85, very few have the honor of throwing out the first ball at minor league baseball game!

Dr-Sigal-Anticipates VIctory

“Dr., Lt. Commander, Roland L. Sigal, throws out 1st Ball at game between the AAA Phillies Iron Pigs and AAA Wilkes Barre Yankees. And,
Yep! That’s Ron Shegda, our Republican Candidate for PA. State Representative, 136th District, guiding “Rolly” onto the field.”

I’ll have a lot more to share from my trip in future posts – right now my head is still swimming and trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Rather deep things to think about first. In the meantime, being yet another early, early Wednesday morning, so I leave you with a few more law-related icons. Praying today will be Justice Day!

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5 thoughts on “Small Steps, Big Feat

  1. Finally!!! I’m so glad to see you back (big smiles)! I was worried — but no longer.
    And what a huge thing it is what you did Leslie, to have made it that far, and back! I must say reading about how you prepared yourself, well, once again you inspire me. I wish I had more of that in me, but reading how you do it gives me something to hope for in myself, which is the fight in you, the strength to do all that you can to take care of yourself and get the most out of life.
    Welcome back Leslie!

    • Thank You, Sweet Friend! I apologize for not responding sooner nor getting the chance to catch up on your blog. It may still take me a couple of days. Please know you are on my mind and I’m praying you’re well and enjoying the sunshine.

    • Thanks! I think so, too. It was a really hot day and he had started getting a bit dizzy from it and so we put him in my wheelchair to get down on the field. He usually is rather spry (not like his decrepit daughter) ;-0

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