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Justice Watch – Week 12

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Hubby’s birthday is coming up in 2 days but since our son is up here and getting ready to drive back to his apartment in Columbus this evening, we’re going to have the birthday celebration tonight. It’s going to be a trial run for me to see how well I can do sitting up for an hour or so in a restaurant, as I’m hoping to visit my Dad for his 85th birthday. Glory, I sure hope that I can do this. Seems ridiculous that it should be such a big deal but such is life. Rob just came in from working out in the yard, our fine young man took it upon himself to drive 150 miles from his apartment just to clean up our landscaping so the “block police” wouldn’t cite us for undignified curb appeal. 😉 His buddy Travis drove up on Saturday to help out and his friend Ryan, who lives around the block, came over too. They worked about 12 hours solid for 3 days. G-d Bless them! It looks great now.

Of course, it’s another Tuesday, and so another night of “Justice Watch” – this time week 12 and so far no answer from the Court. Praying for tomorrow.

I’m cutting this post short today as off we go.


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4 thoughts on “Justice Watch – Week 12

  1. Hi Leslie,
    I hope this message finds you rested. I hope too that you have been able to enjoy your family time. I loved it that your son came and brought his friends to do some yard work!
    I like your images for this post too. I used your, “quitclaim,” in a post today, “Maintaining power.” Thank you, again!!!
    Here is the link:
    Hope to communicate with you again soon. Take good care and I’m thinking of you.
    In friendship and gratitude,

    • Hi again Leslie,
      I dont’t know what happened but my article has links to spam. I had to put a password on it. Another article has links also. My comments too. Very odd.
      Too bad ’cause I enjoyed the writing. I’ve never seen spam do this. My words turned into links.
      Maybe wordpress will know what is up. Hope this comment doesn’t have links!

      • Dogkisses- I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to read your article before you had to remove it. Has WordPress been able to shed some light on how that happened? I can’t remember whether it’s a blogger controllable option or simply WordPress standard, but you might want to check out whether you are posting your article’s through a secure connection. (If you are, when you’re composing your post in the WordPress editor window, you should see in the location field at top of your Web Browser window an address that starts with https:// (as opposed to just http://) If your connection is NOT secure then it makes it a whole lot easier for someone to hijack what you are writing (I may be a nerd but I’m not tech savvy enough to be able to explain how someone can do that, sorry.). Perhaps try posting the same article again in a new post by re-typing it (rather than copy and paste) and see what happens. As to your link to the article in a previous comment, it doesn’t go to spam but it does reflect that you have removed that post. (Oh! And thanks for the heads up on your use of quitclaim. I’m honored. Can’t wait to see it in context.)

        I’ve been having a rough time the past several days which is why I haven’t responded yet to the beautiful pictures you sent. I haven’t forgotten. Just having trouble reading and concentrating. Too much pain so I just try to sleep it off best I can. Give me another day or two. Hope you are feeling well yourself and enjoying the summer sunshine! xxoo

        • Hi Leslie,
          I did not hear from wordpress. Unsure what happened. I don’t see the links from my computer, but saw them from my friends. About every third word in post and comments was linked to something called “Sushi” which is spam.
          I never noticed the https instead of http so will check on it.
          I hope my blog hasn’t been hacked. I’m very tired too. I put the article back so if you see it maybe you can let me know if you see those links.
          I saw where wordpress said they had lots of trouble yesterday but then they fixed it but said nothing about spam.
          Sigh… technology.
          Rest well and thanks for the message.

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