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Draw of the Kentucky Derby

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As always on the first Saturday in May, it’s “Kentucky Derby Day” here in the ‘States. Don’t know whether it’s of any significance to anyone outside of the U.S. It’s a funny thing about this race as it seems to capture the interest and attention of many of us who pay zero attention to horse racing except for this (and then possibly the other two races which make up the so-called “Triple Crown” – but such interest lasts only if the same horse wins the first two). And you don’t even have to be a gambler to enjoy the hoopla (although I’m told it helps). I think this phenomenon is a real credit to the folks at Churchill Downs and in the State of Kentucky who have done a masterful job over the years of promoting this event to the point where it has crossed the line from “sport” to “legend”. It’s like the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix race (but US style) where one doesn’t need to know a fig about the cars, drivers, track, science of racing, or the teams to be drawn into the glamour and excitement.

I’ve never seen the race in person but have seen the track. It’s set into the hills of Kentucky which, to my taste, is one of the top five most beautiful of our 50 states.

Took a pause to watch the race. It is a mucky muddy mess out there but the horses ran bravely and magnificently. Congratulations to jockey, Calvin Borrell horse “Super Saver” (why are horse’s names so “thing” like? Guess that’s the difference between animals “owned” and used to make money vs. pets.) In my very amateur opinion, I really think that this jockey has done so well is in large part due to his complete lack of arrogance and ability to “listen” to his horse (rather than dictate to the horse). While I was favoring the filly, “Devil May Care”, it’s always inspiring to see another one of the underdog’s win.

The Kentucky Derby race lasts only 2 minutes – so I think I should keep this post suitably short to match. Onto tonight’s freebies! On the menu tonight are “Nuevo Melamine” clipping and location images. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Draw of the Kentucky Derby

  1. love riding horses, not at all interested in races.
    not of any kind.
    as a matter of fact, I think I could say I m nt keen in sports.
    never liked watching races (cars, horses) or football, volei, basket…maybe has to do with my limitations when younger, I coukld never do PE at school because of my congenital condition…
    the only thing ever interested me was martial arts, but even so, not for watching, but training myself…

    On a different subject: I’m so frustrated Leslie…my program I use for scrapping is misbehaving, tried everything the developers at the forums told me to do, but it works for the first 5 minutes, then slows down again, to the point of leaving me in tears 😦

    Hope you ae doing well,

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