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FELT BETTER? (Felt System Icons)

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I’ve actually been having a little fun with this latest icon set. With the framed kelly green felt wallpaper on my desktop, I created a bunch of empty folders and set their icons to a bunch of the felt images from this new series and just played with them creating pictures and stories around them. Just like being in Kindergarten again! I’m thinking of maybe doing a kids book with these. Better yet, maybe some of you guys out there that have young children can let them loose with these and then send in your screenshots and stories that the kids make up and I’ll put them together in a download-able/printable book format for everyone to share and enjoy! Whaddya think?

Tonight I’m posting some basic system icons for those of you that want to have a more practical use for this series. Coming up over the next several days will be everything you need for your system, applications and user folders. I’ll close off the series in a week or so with characters and toys and animals so the young ‘uns (and those young at heart or just plain immature like me) can create their own villages and tales.


Free Icons of the Day

The following images are either full or reduced size previews. Simply right-click (or control-click) on the preview to save the image(s) of your choice to your desktop. (Unless otherwise noted, downloads are 512px X 512px in .png format). As always, usage of any of the images offered on this blog are free for your personal use while subject to the limitations of my Creative Commons Non-Commercial – Attribution – No Derivatives – Share Alike- 3.0 license. (See sidebar for details)


Felted-Folder Felted-Folder-Smart


Felted-TB-Delete3 Felted-TB-Eject


Felted-TB-customize Felted-TB-New


Felted-TB-Picture Felted-TB-Public


Felted-TB-Music Felted-World



6 thoughts on “FELT BETTER? (Felt System Icons)

  1. ohhhhh wow!!!!!! these are brilliant!!!!!! I wanna learn this thing…did you make them al in the computer?
    because I know a company that makes felt embelishments for scrapbooking but, as far as I know, they are hand made and they do photo extraction….but I know someone who made *felt stickers* only, to me, they didnt look much like felt….love these!!! I also owe you your birthday present….haven’t been very well lately, I m behind with so much….but will be back with it, promise 🙂
    I ll try coming back later today, even…HUge huggzz and thanks so mcuh for these!!!!

  2. I’m so glad you like them! Yep, they are completely fabricated out of my imagination and created within an old version of Photoshop (CS2).

    I am curious about the “felt stickers” you refer to. Forgive me if this seems like a dumb question, but as the only scrapbooks I make are the digital kind, do you think there are many people who would be interested in glossy or matte finished paper stickers that looked like felt or rather a photo of felt? If so, I could either make them and package them to be sent out via snail mail – or – create download packages with high resolution images (as opposed to the 72dpi screen resolution that I post here) so people can print them out on their own. Because of the added work for this type of thing, I’d probably need to charge some nominal fee though to offset my costs. Are people willing to pay for this kind of thing?

    I really cherish your input and hope you are feeling much better. xxoo

    • 🙂
      Ok, lets start from the beginning:
      the world of scrapbooking divides into two different parts, which at times, with some people, come together in something called Hybrid, meaning the person starts the page in teh computer and then adds stuff in the printed version.
      there is the big, huge scrapbook in paper market which has famous designers and stores the size of supermarkets (especially in the US) which seel stuff, amazing stuff.

      then there is a HUGE market for scrapbook digitals, with not only LOTS of freebies that are being offered, but also stores, LOTS of stores.
      you gotta have a look at these freebies, the stores, then look at what people use, see what happens…

      what I do, you have seen a bit of a sample in my blog, and I’m not sure of you have seen the books I made for my daughter in Scrapblog….I have by now printed (with Scrapblog’s printing services) 7 books, 1 per year apart from the last which is 7 &8 years old because we didnt have as many pictures for that time…
      I use everything I can get hold of (that I like of course) and I also make my own stuff sometimes.
      To sell, the thing is: you need to be organized, have a store, I m not sure how that works, but most people who sell kits work on 300 dpi, because many people do like I do , print the pages into books or frame them and put them up the walls….
      the 72 dpi is called tagger size (me thinks) but I m not really sure….

      There are a number of paper scrapbooking supplies designers who have gone didgital APART from their normal manual craft work…in this category fits the ones I was talking about….
      I LOVE their stuff, you can have a look here:

      as to what people would pay for….not sure.
      I pay sometimes, but only when the kits are on sale for a dollar or one euro a kit…because there is SO MUCH available for free….
      I am part fo a group , a yahoo group, called Digital Scrapbook Freebies.
      Every day I get in my inbox at least 50 emails with links to blogs who are giving full kits away….
      and then there is Digifree (well , is now called Craft Crave) which is a web site created by a woman who has a search engine to find everything related to scrapbooking, being hybrid, paper or digital, that is being offered for free…., look at it here:

      there are a lot of stores who have forums and galleries…..is a whole *scene* LOL but I think you have enough to keep you busy looking at those…will be back alter 🙂

      • Wow! Thanks for such a prompt and complete reply!
        I used to frequent the craft stores before I got sick and never saw a “scrapbooking” section back then so I gather this hobby has really boomed over the last 7 years that I’ve been stuck in bed. I had no idea it was so popular or such a big business.

        As to your mention about the skills required to run a business, you are quite correct about the necessity of organization and an outlet to sell the merchandise. I actually have quite a long history and experience as a business owner in a number of fields (only a handful of which are referred to in my LinkedIn profile) where the same basic executive, marketing, and production skills and experience would easily translate to a Scrapbooking “business” if I were to decide to approach it as a profit-making venture. At this point in my life though, given the reality of my physical disabilities and prognosis, it strikes me as highly unlikely that I pull off such a venture at all much less in a profitable enough manner to be a worthwhile use of my limited time and energy. That being said, my inquiry was really intended to find out whether you thought (just from your own experience in the scrapbooking community) there’s a sizeable interest in having physical (stickers) artwork for use in Hybrid scrapbooks and if so, is there a large enough percentage of Hybrid Scrapbookers who are willing to download a file and print it out for themselves as opposed to wanting only the finished product (i.e. a package of pre-printed stickers) ?

        What I was thinking was that if only a handful of people are willing to print out their own, then I’d stick with posting only 72dpi images as this uses far less bandwidth and storage space and just create & distribute 300 dpi versions in response to specific requests. If, on the other hand, there is a large enough market for downloadable, printable “stickers” then I would consider putting together the type of “packages” you’ve referred me to and offer them here alongside the 72 dpi versions or perhaps instead of the 72 dpi’s. But If I got into needing to print out, package and ship the physical versions a lå a mail order business, I would need to be able to cover my costs for the paper, ink, and shipping regardless of whether I’d still be offering my time and talents for free. To be honest, I’m really not inclined to want to get into that sort of production because of the strain it would put on me.)

        But, again, thanks so much for the info and the links! I will take a good look at them over the next couple of days.

  3. Hi again, Leslie 🙂
    yes, I understand what you mean…to answer to your question in the short cut: I don’t know.
    I know many people who scrap digital end up printing the pages they scrap into books or famed images, that’s why they will only buy 300dpi stuff…

    but the reason I was poiting out at the necesity of getting organised to run the bussiness was precisely because I thought, when I realized that is actually quiet easy for someone with atistic skills to produce, create the kits,of going into bussiness myself.
    Then I started the way my dad taught me: you first start by working for someone else to learn the bussines…then start the venture on your own…
    whta happened then?
    I saw how much stress, time and energy that requires, I gave it up….
    I made something and gave it as a freebie,but have no intentions, at least in the near future, to go into bussines, precisely for what you are pointing out: is time consuming and our bodies are impaired, so we end up suffering instead of being something pleasurable on top of giving a few bucks…
    The marlet is also SO cpmpetitive, because there are so many women who are designing now, that I dont think is worth bothering that much….
    having said that, I know a woman who paid a trip to Disney for her, husband and 5 kids with the procceedings of her kits, but her kits are all U$1.50 each….all digital but at 300dpi, so she had to work quiet a lot to get there….and she has her kits in zillions of stores too, the stires take up a percentage of your money.
    I dont think it’s worth it, because I do some Creative Team work for 2 designers, but not with much commitment, because my health doesnt allow…and CT work means only put together pages…
    OK, I’m gonna go now, try to get finished what I am making for you…:)

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