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Justice In The Spotlight

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Today’s the day I’ve been waiting and waiting for, TWELVE LONG YEARS! The three judge merit-panel at the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida is scheduled to meet today to make a decision. I won’t know what they decide for another 2-3 weeks (or at least that’s my understanding) but it’s a huge relief just to know the case finally reached them. My prayer is only that they’ll consider ALL of the facts and have the wisdom and courage to devise a remedy that’s not only fair and just but also will serve to really end this hell I’ve been put through so my little family and I can finally have some peace.

In the spirit of today, I’ve created some new legal icons/clip art – each in vastly different styles. Trying to experiment and widen my range. Enjoy!

Free Icons of the Day

The following images are either full or reduced size previews. Simply right-click (or control-click) on the preview to save the image(s) of your choice to your desktop. (Unless otherwise noted, downloads are 512px X 512px in .png format). Create Commons license applies (see sidebar for details)

You Can't Out-Run Justice

“You Can’t Out-Run Justice” (Note: This image incorporates a modified photo of a vintage Art Deco sculpture by an unknown artist.)

Justice In The Spotlight


Themis 8



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2 thoughts on “Justice In The Spotlight

  1. wOw Leslie, these are awesome,I’m definitely gonna use them..
    Thought of you yesterday because of of my scrapbooking friends posted something about the Creative Commons Licenses…maybe you know about it, but in case not, you can have a look here:


    Now, regarding these post…I’m not totally sure what the desition is about (though I can guess a faint idea), I don’t think you mention anything in your profile?
    Anyway, hope the desition is reached in your favor…I know that, whatever it is that you are asking for, you more than deserve it…
    Huge hugggzzz

    • I have been fairly cryptic about the exact nature of the lawsuit I’ve been engaged in (I’m the Plaintiff – i.e. the one who brought the suit against someone else) because I do not want to risk saying something that could unfairly affect the legal process which is still on-going.

      I have not quite decided how much I want to say about the specifics of the case even after the last “t” is crossed on the final published opinion and any remand procedure is completed. While the final opinion will be freely available to absolutely anyone interested in downloading it from the court’s website once it has become a “mandate” (i.e. final opinion from the Appellate Court) – for which I WILL provide a link on this blog for – I am still wrestling with myself over the potential benefit to others that any further comment from me on the case may be able to offer, as opposed to perhaps needlessly using this blog as a platform to vent my feelings about the defendant simply to make myself feel better at the risk of giving this person yet one more excuse to wish I would simply shut up and die already…

      In any case, I truly appreciate your support and good wishes and promise you that what I have been seeking in this case is simply some truthful answers to some very important questions and restitution for what I was fraudulently induced into giving away or forced to pay to attorneys in an effort to obtain information that could have saved my life if I’d been given it 12 years ago. It’s both simultaneously very complicated and extremely simply – depending upon where you stand on the question of ethics, duty, and plain old human compassion.


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