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What I do when me brain’s on the fritz…

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The tinnitus in my left ear has been roaring all week, so loud I feel like I’m trapped in the wind tunnel at NASA with a squadron of B-52’s just outside. It is exhausting and mind-boggling and so mostly I sleep but tonight I was restless and so thought I’d just play – let my mind alone to wander, my imagination take flight, and my mouse go where it willed without any restraint. I had no idea where my doodles would lead and now that I’m done, I’ve no idea what’s displayed on my screen. Is it just a bit of digital silliness? Or subconscious deep thought? I leave it to you to decide. All I know is that the jets have not landed and the ocean tide is rushing at my feet. And so I go back to sleep.

Free Icons of the Day

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“In The Groove”

Talking outta me arse

“Ever notice how some folks just can’t seem to help talking outta their arse?”

6 thoughts on “What I do when me brain’s on the fritz…

  1. Hi Leslie,
    Wow! These two icons are amazing. I wanted to see if it is okay for me to use, “Whatchareading,” for my header in Google. I linked here from my site so maybe you will see the URL, which I am not able to put the link here, ’cause I simply do not know how.
    I hope it is okay for me to use it this way.
    I hope your ears are doing better. I have the same problem. I have another problem too, but forget the name of it. I can feel sound. It is horrible when it comes and the doctors said there isn’t any treatment. I can’t talk on the phone when it happens. People’s words feel like they go through my brain to the other ear, literally, and it pounds.

    Please let me know if there is a problem with me using the icon.
    Thank you again for your awesome work!

    • I don’t have enough info to see your header in Google – Is this customized header set up on a public site or blog? Or just set up for how Google is viewed on your personal computer? If that later, maybe just send me a screen shot. If the former, what’s the url in the status bar of your web-browser when you are on that page?

      I’m very honored you’d want to use my work and grant you full permission to use it with the following caveat (which only applies if you’re using it on a website or blog or publication in some other manner that’s open to the public): 1. Somewhere on the same page, provide credit for the image to me with a link to my blog. (you can do that by copying and pasting the following bit of code):

      * Header Image designed by: IconDoIt.

      By the way, if there are any particular type of images you’d like to see (style and/or subject and/or for a particular use) let me know. I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration.

      In Friendship-

      • Hi Leslie,
        I’m using the image in a blog on Google. Sorry, but I’m under the weather and my brain is foggy. I have your URL linked to the image. I do not know where to copy and paste that code you have. I added a text gadget, the first gadget on my sidebar, titled, “Giving Thanks,” and my first thank you is to you for your image, which I include a link to your blog.
        Is this okay. My URL there is http://4leggeds.blogspot.com/

        Honestly, there is too much pink and I may not keep the blog if I don’t think it works. I may use it for talking about dogs. I probably said that already — again, my brain is on a break somewhere.
        I will send you a link by email to make sure you get it and can check it out. I feel like I’m causing extra work for you so I do apologize but your icons are my very favorite of any I’ve ever seen.
        Thank you for your time.

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