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Today’s My Birthday – Sew What?

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A lot of folk in western culture seem to dread growing older. Some stop counting their birthdays after age 30, 40 or the like and shun celebrations. Some go as far as to lie about their age, deducting a few years while their physical assets are plausible enough for them to get away it and when their body’s defy the hoped for illusion, some turn to plastic surgery. Personally, I’m just so grateful for each and every day, week, month and year that I’ve been able to survive, I feel like wearing my age pinned to my chest like a badge of honor. For all intents and purposes, for me to be still alive and kicking on this day, which is my fifty-sixth (56) birthday, is a miracle and such a blessing, that I can hardly find adequate words to express it. I can think of no greater gift than to see this morning’s sunrise. Everything else is just gravy.

For those of you who share the burden of living with chronic pain, chronic disease, and/or a terminal diagnosis, you know what I’m talking about. Because even with having to deal with pain and fear and all the various effects and disabilities in our lives, every sunrise begins a new day to hope. Yep. Better days are coming.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s My Birthday – Sew What?

  1. yup, know exactly what you are talking about, but even before the chronic pain started (my condition is congenital but I didn’t have this pain until doctors tried to *fix* me…) I never understood that thing about people lying about their age…if anything, I loved every day lived, though a constant fight, I ve had so much enjoyment that the bad times fade away…:)
    One of these moments was having found you one of those days looking through Scrapblog, and some would say by chance….I dont believe in it, no such thing as coincidence in life.
    Just in case you didn’t see the blog, reason for my absence was coz they were ready to chop my left breast (as if having completely anihilated my legs wasn’t enough…they wanted a chunk of my left breast to make sure I couldn’t sue LOL) but I made a turn around, and this doctor seems to think not only that this isnt cancer, but also to see me ad honorem ( for free, for those who are interested) ….
    but will be coming back ith a present for you,
    huge huggzz, Happy, wonderful, blessed birthday….you are such an inspiration, would loooooove to be able to cross the ocean and go hugg you in person 🙂

    • I cannot express adequately how touched I am by your comments, friendship, and support. It is an amazing time we live in, wherein here I lie in my hospital bed in a darkened bedroom in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio unable to venture even to the edge of my driveway on my own two feet – while across thousands of miles of land and sea you reside with your own set of obstacles in London, England – and yet we have managed to find a kindred soul in each other despite the distance, despite the hurdles, despite cultural differences, despite age and even native language difference (your being originally from Brazil), despite so many other differences in our particular situations and lives. It is a blessing this ability to find a common thread and to be able to empathize and not judge and to revel in the joy and relief in sharing (vs. merely taking or giving). One might almost be inclined to say, here, HERE is the proof. HERE is the hope. We are not alone. Thank You.
      Leslie's signature

    As always your icons are wonderful. I enjoyed your post. I was just thinking a little while ago, after receiving a call from my son, which let me know he is okay, and driving home, though tired, at least I knew I’d see my dogs soon and I thought, this is it. This is life. Maybe this very moment to live is all we get. Not the past. Not the future. Just this very moment. And the ones that are nice, fun, precious or otherwise positive, are the ones to cherish.
    I too feel I earned the physical telling of my age.
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday very much!

    • “Maybe this very moment to live is all we get. Not the past. Not the future. Just this very moment. And the ones that are nice, fun, precious or otherwise positive, are the ones to cherish”

      It took me too many years to recognize the wisdom and truth in what you have captured here so eloquently. It has brought me a tremendous sense of peace and overall contentment by the fact of “living in the moment”,any disappointments due to abilities I’ve lost or discomforts I suffer get relegated to the category of “Yeah, it sucks. But so what? Look at all I got that’s right before me now – this minute.” As my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, said: “All Things Shall Pass”.


    I’ve been feeling it, remembering that with this beautiful weather, is a special day for someone very special! You!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Leslie, Happy Birthday to you.
    I am thinking of you and miss you on WordPress.

    I hope you are okay my friend.

    Love, Michelle.

  4. Very nice to see you! I read your post but was working on my dashboard when it came in. I’ll have to read it over in a bit, ’cause I want to visit the link. I’m glad you felt my presence. You are surely on my mind. I’m so happy you decided to post Leslie. Bless you! xoxoxo

    With love,
    your friend, Michelle…

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