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Damn the Facts and Full Speed Ahead!

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My little family tends to be rather irreverent. All in fun, of course. It’s our way of not only laughing in the face of death, but getting the Reaper himself reduced to such peals of laughter, that he wets his pants and then melts in his self-made puddles. Does this really keep death at bay? Most Actuaries, Religious Leaders, Doctors and just about everyone else would say “NO!” At the same time, there is a dearth of credible research suggesting that laughter and optimism are the only common denominator for those who have recovered from grave circumstances and extended their ability to survive beyond any other medical explanation.

I can surely testify to that enigma. The quantity and complicated mix of diseases and conditions that have kept myself and my doctors jumping hurdles and running in circles for so many years should have killed me long ago; yet here I lay in my bed tonight, writing this blog. Where science leaves off in it’s ability to explain that which is undeniable, is where Faith begins. Yet while I have a very deep and rich spiritual faith in a “higher” power, I have a just as deep need for rational thought and logic. So I ask myself, what good would it be to have God looking over your shoulder with his grace and blessings, if you either didn’t want to go on living or were so wrapped up in self-pity that you didn’t even notice He was there by your side? And that’s where I figure optimism and laughter come in.

If having the compulsion to draw “Happy Faces” or rolling on your heels guffawing has the potential to be so powerful, does this mean we can one day achieve the ability to be immortal? Some folks believe it and some scientists are even trying to make it happen. Personally, as much as I’ve always wanted to live to 200, I’ve come to the conclusion that immortality is probably not a wise thing to strive for. Just like a successful farmer doesn’t try to get corn from stalks left untouched after last year’s harvest, nor plant oats in the same field year after year without rotation, people need to be rotated as well to ensure our species remains strong and able to adapt to the changing physical world around us. Evolution didn’t end when the first human placed his feet on earth. If it had, mankind as a species would’ve become extinct thousands of years ago. So in a way, I figure it’s kind of our duty not interfere too much with the natural order of things. … But not today. Heck, I’ve still a couple thousand e-mails in my in-box from people who’ve sent me the latest jokes, silly photos, or ridiculous news stories to keep me laughing and a life filled with a handful or two of dear and loving family and friends that keep me smiling, and too much left on my list “To Do”. I just haven’t got the time to give up now!

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