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The Courtesy of Strangers

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I’m just feeling happy with the load on my shoulders a little bit lighter due to the kind generosity of an attorney I met through his website, who spent a great deal of time talking with me, sharing his knowledge, experience and thoughts. Some of you might think that he acted as any good businessman would. While I agree it’s smart, these days it seems to be more and more rare that we come across people who show courtesy, respect and actual interest to strangers, potential clients or not. And for some reason this seems especially true amongst those in the legal and medical profession. Maybe it’s due to the overwhelming pressures of their jobs that they don’t feel they can afford the time to be kind or maybe they think that their time is more valuable than us mere commoners. I don’t really know but neither of those reasons strike me as an acceptable excuse. We ALL face our own overwhelming pressures and regardless of whether we’ve got a job that pays less than minimum wage or $2000/hr or have no job at all, nobody on earth has either more or less than 24 hours in their day and none of us knows when we’ll run out of those days. Time is really the only true measure of value because without it, nothing else matters.

So use your time wisely tonight and enjoy the weekend!

Tonight’s free icon offering is a collection of images suitable as backgrounds for 3-stage buttons (link,mouse-over, and mouse-down).

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