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Nuevo Deco Devices

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Unique icons for each category of hardware (devices) that are commonly used are a necessary part of a complete set of system icons, and so I’ve created those to go with my Nuevo Deco series and am posting them here tonight. At the same time, I am curious as to how many of you have your Finder preferences set to show all mounted devices on your desktop or instead, keep them hidden from view and only access them either from the top menu or sidebar? Since I rarely need to access the root level of either my internal or various external hard drives, it really serves no useful purpose to have their icons visible on my desktop and actually seems to just create clutter (even if it’s good looking clutter thanks to these icons!). While I don’t like to have my internal hard drive on my desktop, I would like to have any CD’s, DVD’s, thumb drives, and/or .DMG volumes appear on my desktop since I need to interact with them at their mount point and since they don’t appear in the top menubar – but for some reason, Apple has categorized all of these – AS WELL AS all other external hard drives (USB, Firewire) in one single category titled “CDs, DVD’s and iPods”. This means that in order to see a thumb drive or .dmg or CD on my desktop, I’m forced to accept having each individual partition of my external firewire and USB drives visible as well. Pretty annoying. I haven’t found any hacks to get around this so if any of you have a clue whether and how this can be accomplished, PLEASE let me know!

It’s pretty rare for me to have any complaiint at all about any apple produce (hardware or software) as I’ve been a dedicated fan since I got my first Mac when they originally came out in the early 1980’s – but as long as I’m on this subject, I do have another (minor) gripe in the form of a question. Why is it that the Mac OS STILL has accomodations to set identifying icons for floppy disks, zip disks, magnetic optical disks, and even super disks, yet has no unique icon for any type of thumb drive which is far more commonly used these days? To be fair, I’m still running on Tiger (OS and not Leopard or Snow Leopard so perhaps those newer systems do have such accomodations.

It’s been a long day for me today and tomorrow is expected to be another hard one so I’m keeping this short. Good Night All!

Free Icons of the Day

The following images are reduced size previews. Simply right-click (or control-click) on the preview to save a zipped file to your desktop that contains all images in each preview group (each image is 512px X 512px in .png format) or, in the case of the individual icons, do your clicking on each one you’d like to download.

ND_Computer-2 512x512px .png format

Reduced Preview of Nuevo Deco Devices Part $1

ND_PRINTER   512x512px  .png format

Reduced Preview of Nuevo Deco Devices Part 2

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