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A Steampunk’d Alphabet

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My husband was a mechanical engineer for close to forty years, designing and managing the teams that design the machines that make every conceivable type of light bulb. He’s also a musician who not only plays incredible rock & blues guitar but has often taken his instruments apart, tweaked and rebuilt them to be gorgeous and unique, just as he has done with a variety of sports cars and vintage motorcycles. When I was 19, he taught me how to solder and bought me a kit to build my first amplifier and synthesizer and a few years later bought me the components to build my first computer. So you might think, “This is a grade ‘A’ geek” and fully expect him to be a Jules Verne fan and a Steampunk devotee. Well, you’d be spot-on about Jules Verne, but fuggedabout the geek (that title belongs to me in this family) and as to Steampunk? I was shocked to learn tonight that he had never even heard of it! Yeah, I know we’re old foggies but, geez, I hadn’t thought I was married to a dinosaur! 😉 Just joking, Sweetie…

In any case, I sent him a few links as an assignment tonight (testing to begin tomorrow). Actually, those links offer such a great intro to the uninitiated as well as a delight for those already captive to the romance of the innocence, excitement, and optimism of the scientists and engineers of the industrial age, I’ve decided to include them in this post rather than try to describe what it is about this genre that draws me in. Following that, I’ve created a complete alpha-numeric set of icons aptly titled “Steampunk’d”. Enjoy!


Steampunk Wiki

The Steampunk Blog

Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators

Art Donovan, Steampunk Art

Steampunk Workshop

Free Clip-Art / Icons of the Day

The following images are either full or reduced size previews. Simply right-click (or control-click) on the preview to save the image(s) of your choice to your desktop. (Unless otherwise noted, downloads are 512px X 512px in .png format). As always, usage of any of the images offered in the “Free Clip-Art / Icons of the Day” section are free for your personal use, subject to the limitations of my Creative Commons Non-Commercial – Attribution – No Derivatives – Share Alike- 3.0 license. (See sidebar for Terms of Use) For commercial or any other use, please contact me for directly.





2 thoughts on “A Steampunk’d Alphabet

  1. It seems that you’ve put plenty of effort and exhausting work into your submit and I require much more of these on the net in present times. I sincerely received a kick out of your post. I don’t really have significantly to say responding, I solely needed to comment to reply superb work.

    • Your taking the time to comment is really appreciated! The fact your comments are so complimentary, means a lot as whenever I create and post something, it’s in the hope that it will be of some use or meaning or just enjoyment for whomever stumbles across my blog. Comments also have the additional benefit of letting me know what styles or subjects my readers are most interested in. I have been toying with a few ideas recently for more steampunk images. They require much more research and time to create than most other styles offered on my free blog so I can’t promise a date, but you can be assured that they’re coming and I hope you’ll return here often! – Leslie

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