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Another day, Another brief, Another month, Another year and on and on it goes in the great mandala of a life caught between a cranky bear who’s hobby it is to play with the law as if it were a handful of Silly Putty® to be molded at will. But this, too, shall one day pass. Despite the few instances I’ve experienced of either judicial naïvety, short-sightedness, laziness, or mistake, and the paranoid nay-sayers who see the world through stereotyped lenses, I refuse to believe that “justice” is always and only a fairy tale controlled by wicked and wealthy. I understand the necessity of being overtly cautious to protect against the possibility of an innocent defendant. While at times I may wonder whether there’s as much open-mindedness and concern for the possibility of an honest and innocent plaintiff, I know that I just need to be patient and keep myself above the fray by not allowing myself to be ruffled by the seemingly never-ending barrage of attacks on my character that have no basis in truth nor allowing myself to become bitter or to lose my self-respect by behaving in kind. I honestly am hopeful that at least this time the truth will prevail so that my little family can move forward and I can live out the rest of my days in peace.

Forgive me, my world-wide friends, for being somewhat cryptic in these melancholy postings about my present legal woes. I would spill all if I could but do not wish to jeopardize the integrity of my case and, while it may sound strange to many, despite all the harm I’ve suffered at the hands of someone I had expected better from I really have no desire to add-on to his/her woes by broadcasting their humiliation. Even the mean and the guilty deserve compassion and the room to pull themselves out of the mud with the dignity of one who is truly repentant.

I know that my attitude as felt in my heart and expressed by my words is not as entertaining as those with a more flippant point of view who may advocate the sentiment of Warren Zevon’s anthem, “Gimme Lawyers, Guns and Money”, but I’m not a total dullard or goody-goody as my hands seem to get the better of me at times and create all this snickering, sarcastic artwork behind my back at nights and slip it in at the bottom of my posts… 😉

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