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Deviation to Green Day & Zack

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I’ve been temporarily interrupted from being able to post new icons due to a glitch with the server that hosts my originals. Hopefully Apple will resolve that within the next 24-48 hours. In the meantime, thought I’d take the opportunity to give you guys a treat with a (very short) clip from YouTube that someone had captured at a recent Green Day concert down in Nashville, Tennessee. Lead Singer Billy Joe had grabbed a fan from the audience and invited him to play with them (after having to first swear that he actually could play). The fan, Zack, is 17 years old and did his own fans and family proud taking over the lead guitar and singing along with the band.

Disclosure: Thirty-something years ago I used to baby-sit for Zack’s Mom, Robyn, who is the daughter of my foster-mother’s sister. How’s that for a convoluted Six-Degrees connection? 😉

Zack with Billy Joe of Green Day

Click Here to View the YouTube Video

3 thoughts on “Deviation to Green Day & Zack

  1. Wow! Can’t believe you remembered me, Leslie! Thanks for the plug for my kid! He has big dreams of becoming a musician someday and is just basking in the glow of this whole thing. He’s actually going to see Green Day again tonight in Orlando! He’s hoping to get back onstage!

    • I’m glad you remember me as a “fun” kid. It’s nice to know that. I would love to get Zack and Allen together with your hubby for a jam! I am not sure how I’ll go about it, but it would be great! Zack is currently living in Nashville, TN with his dad, but maybe I can meet him in Ohio and we could get together! How lovely that would be.

      Robyn- Great to hear from you! Remember you? How could I NOT? You were one of the few kids who was actually FUN to babysit for. Besides, thanks to your loving Aunt, Uncle and Cousins, I feel privileged to consider myself “family”. Zack was really impressive in how natural he carried himself. That’s quite an accomplishment for anyone of any age in such a situation. Next time you make it up north, come visit. My hubby has a complete music studio. Maybe get a jam on with Zack and Allen (and Enid on the keyboards?)

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